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Who we are?

Excellence in Technology Learning Robotics, Drone Programming, AI and ML

At Shard Center for Innovation, we thrive to create the future society through transformative education in upcoming technologies, human skills and management practices world-wide. We excel in unparalleled programs in cutting-edge disciplines like- Artificial Intelligence, Drone, Machine Learning, Robotics, Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT) etc. Through excellence and innovation, we ignite young minds to occupy a distinct place in the ever-evolving professional landscape. Our eminent faculties and state-of-the-art facilities provide a fully involved and unique learning experience to usher our participants into the ever-evolving modern world. Join us to this journey of excellence.

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Vision & Mission


At Shard Center, we aim to create a future society where excellence and innovation know no bounds. We aspire to cultivate young minds for upcoming domains to drive progress and revolutionize industries through their brilliance and prowess.


Our mission is to establish an environment that fosters exploration and growth. We provide a platform where the participants can actively immerse in the intricate realms of the upcoming domains like Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, IoT Robotics etc. Through experiential learning and hands-on engagements under the direct supervision of our up-skilled experts, we transcend young minds into cutting-edge disciplines to attain prominence in every walk of their lives.


Management Team

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Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh

Founder & Managing Director

Dr. V P Singh

Advisor – Organization Development and Mentor

Mr. Dhiraj Arora

V P - Marketing, Operation and New Businesses

Mr. Mayank Raj Singh

Advisor -International Business and Strategy